Our Food

Great food is the lynchpin of our business, so we have to have some rules. If it’s fish, it’s got to be the freshest fish. If it’s meat, it’s got to be the best meat from the best local butcher, and if Paula decides to pop a burger on the menu…it’ll be the most glorious burger ever! We smoke our own meats and sometimes cure our own charcuterie.

We set our own Ginger Panna Cotta, serve delicious cheeses and mix an outstanding espresso Martini. All sounding ok so far? Here’s the best bit.

Our Menus

Our simple ‘family business’ model (nice people, great drink, outstanding food, daft price) means we’re always pretty busy. Please do book ahead using our online reservation thing (don’t be frightened – this one works) or call us on 0121 308 0765.