About us

The Butlers Arms is a proper family business focused on delivering true hospitality; a warm welcome, great drinks and super food.

Paula (mum) keeps a watchful eye over the kitchen. She pretty much oversees everything from menu development through to sourcing the best local produce and bringing it all together to make the wonderful dishes you’ll find on our menus. Becki (daughter) runs the rest of the pub. She’s fuelled by some pretty exceptional management skills which she delivers with an abundance of smiles, laughter and unwavering sarcasm, all inherited from the wonderful Chris.

Of course, we’ve got great beer and all the usual drinks but everyone talks about our food…and our hospitality, and our eclectic (some say weird) taste in furnishings and décor, and our toilets (you’ll love our lavs!), our coffee, our home made gins and ever changing wine list, and…did we mention the food? We’re a bit different and (we’re told) a bit good at what we do best; making people happy.

So, we’re real people running our own family business, doing something we love. And when we’re not working, we’re working. Days off are often spent in some of the country’s most interesting restaurants to bring inspiration and ideas back to The Butlers Arms. Our holidays are spent…mainly in restaurants or vineyards to bring inspiration and ideas back to…yes, you’ve got the idea.

We live and breathe great food, interesting drinks, outstanding hospitality, and we bring all of that home to roost in our lovely pub. We think our interest and passion makes for happy customers. We’d love for you to visit us.

Great food is the lynchpin of our business, so we have to have some rules. If it’s fish, it’s got to be the freshest fish. If it’s meat, it’s got to be the best meat from the best butcher, and if Paula decides to pop a burger on the menu…it’ll be the most glorious burger ever! We smoke our own fish and occasionally cure some of our own charcuterie.

We set our own Ginger Panna Cotta, serve delicious cheeses and mix an outstanding espresso Martini. All sounding ok so far? Here’s the best bit.

Our Menus

Our simple ‘family business’ model (nice people, great drink, outstanding food, daft prices) means we’re always pretty busy. Please do book ahead using our online reservation thing (don’t be frightened as this one works) or call us on 0121 308 0765.


We’re unstoppable! We also cater off-site through our joint ventures with Pizza Traders and Chocolate Treats. You can read all about it on their websites below but essentially Pizzas Traders produce Neapolitan style pizzas made and cooked to order in a wood fire oven….and they are absolutely delicious. Chocolate Treats make THE best brownies! Varying from milk, dark and white chocolate to Gluten free and Vegan friendly, our homemade, gourmet, chocolate brownies are a taste of perfection. Whatever the occasion, our brownies won’t disappoint. With a crunchy exterior and a soft, gooey inside – your sweet tooth will be well and truly satisfied.

We do all the big festivals so we’re fairly busy but we can cater for weddings, private parties, kid’s parties and any other event or occasion you throw at us!