Other Stuff We Do

We’re unstoppable! We also cater off-site through our joint ventures with Pizza Traders and Chocolate Treats. You can read all about it on their websites below but essentially Pizzas Traders produce Neapolitan style pizzas made and cooked to order in a wood fire oven….and they are absolutely delicious. Chocolate Treats make THE best brownies! Varying from milk, dark and white chocolate to Gluten free and Vegan friendly, our homemade, gourmet, chocolate brownies are a taste of perfection. Whatever the occasion, our brownies won’t disappoint. With a crunchy exterior and a soft, gooey inside – your sweet tooth will be well and truly satisfied.

We do all the big festivals so we’re fairly busy but we can cater for weddings, private parties, kid’s parties and any other event or occasion you throw at us!