Food Rules, Ok?

If it horrifies you to learn that some pub chains have frozen fish delivered ‘ready battered’; that meats and main courses arrive in their kitchens as ‘boil-in-the-bag’ and that one chain even buys in ‘frozen poached eggs’, you’ll be delighted to read this;

Paula’s kitchen ‘manifesto’.

  • Chips always start the day as real potatoes! These will be lovingly peeled by us and hand-cut into the shape of chips every single day.
  • Our chefs will always prepare and cook our meats and main courses from scratch using quality products and ingredients.
  • We always make our very own, pates and terrines and sometimes our own charcuterie. We also custom-smoke meats and fish and stuff.
  • Our fish will always and forever be delivered fresh and never, ever frozen. We will clean, bone, fillet or shell and prepare as necessary.
  • We make our own dressings, marmalades and chutneys. It’s not easy, but it’s tastier and should make us prouder.
  • Soups and sauces are freshly prepared in our kitchen, never reheated and never from a carton. Because we are chefs!
  • I want my kitchen to be perfumed daily with the home-making and baking of brownies, crumbles, brulees, cheesecake, puddings and cakes