Chris’s Recommendations

Always good to start with a great beer, or we have some pretty decent wines by the glass or a refreshing glass of fizz perhaps – Prosecco or Champagne; your choice. Our range of gins isn’t too shabby either.

I also try and do something seasonal, perhaps Damson Gin or a Hedgerow Bellini. I knock up a pretty lethal Mulled Wine around Christmas time. Don’t forget to look at the blackboards as there’s always a few treats I’ll suddenly think of and write up in black and white. Wine is a personal thing and there’s no judging at The Butlers. If you want some help I’m on hand, but you know what you like.

I’ll just say one thing…white doesn’t always have to go with fish! End of the evening…I’m quite partial to a Negroni (a rather potent cocktail invented by an Italian Count) or our classic Espresso Martini made with great coffee. I like coffee as well.

I haven’t forgotten that some of you don’t drink, or don’t drink because you’ve driven to my pub (for which I am grateful). You might have guessed that as an alternative to Coke and OJ, I’ll try and find something interesting for you.